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Trip to Finisterre-Muxía
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  • Language: Spanish and English
  • Telephone: +34 981 587 454
  • Departures:

    9:00 Parking La Salle, Rúa Valle Inclán 3
    9:10 Artnatura Office, Plaza de Fuenterrabía 

  • Return: 5:45 pm approx.

Discover the incredible scenery of the “Costa da Morte” and “Land’s End” in a trip along the Galician coastline accompanied by a friendly guide that explain to us their main attractions.

Discover the spectacular scenery of Galicia’s "Coast of Death" with Art Natura company. The trip features the following locations:

  • Muxía: a village housing one of Galicia’s most traditional seafaring sanctuaries: “Nosa Señora da Barca”.
  • Finisterre: known as Land’s End, it harbors one of the most important lighthouses in the "Coast of Death".
  • Ézaro: you will be captivated by the impressive River Xallas waterfall.
  • Muros: a fishing village that reflects Galician culture and tradition centered on the sea.
  • Pontemaceira: a crossing point for those pilgrims who head for Finisterre. 


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