La Galiciana Food Market
  • Availability: March 15th - November 2nd
  • Opening time: Sun. To Wed. 12:00 a 00:00 h. Thu to Sat: 12:00 a 02:00 h.
  • Location: Rúa de Gómez Ulla
  • Telephone: +34 981 11 88 10
  • Departures:

    1, Gómez Ulla St.


  • Web site

The birth of this  new multifuntional space in the city provides us with the opportunity to show you the biggest Food Market of the town. It is located close to Galicia Square, near the Old Town.

La Galiciana is more than a simple space to eat and drink.

In here, tradition and the new Galician cooking go hand in hand.

Live music, showcookings, tasting products, gastronomical parties and wine fairs... These are some of the proposals that you can find in this singular place.

They have also added a "chargy station" where customers can to charge their mobile phones while they enjoy the place.