Guided tours

Tour of Santiago de Compostela University heritage
  • Discount: 15%
    7,00€ 5,95€
  • Opening time: Mon - Sat 12:00
  • Telephone: +34 881 811 099
  • Departures:

    Colegio de Fonseca

    (Rúa do Franco, 3)


Do you want to explore the heritage of one of the world’s oldest universities? Make the most of the 15% discount provided by the Compostela Pass card.

Santiago University, with more than 500 years of history, is the Galician University with the longest history and one of the oldest in the world, as you can see in its most emblematic buildings: the School of Fonseca with such evocative features as its Library América, the School of San Xerome, a former city hospital that now houses Santiago de Compostela University rector’s office, the Geography and History Faculty (the site of the enlightened university), with its magnificient Salón Paraninfo. The tour ends with a visit to the faculty’s terrace. From its Mirador #Compostela360 you will enjoy beautiful views of the old town.

* The visit to the terrace is available every Saturday in the tour at 12:00 PM, and during August in the tour at 12:00 PM from Monday to Saturday.